AdanzApps is a small company with big dreams dedicated to the development of indie games. It was founded in July of 2014 in Pontevedra City, Spain. Since then we have produced different types of mobile indie games, and with high hopes of expanding



It all started in the beginning of the Summer of 2014 when the founder Daniel Adanza Dopazo ended his career of computer engineering and started to make small videogames just for fun. His brother Emilio liked the idea so much that he started to collaborate in his projects like a 3D modeller.

The end of that summer the had already produced their first game. FLITY'S TRIP. Although it was not a very good game plus didn't have too much success for us it was the entrance to the videogame development world.


The next year they were working on the next game: SPACE TRIP with a new collaborator Anze Skrlec, this game became another big step in the development world. Learning from the experience we created a much more successfull game with much better features that allow the players to enjoy the experience.


After the first succes of Space Trip 1 the company of AdanzApps decided to split the effort in two sides: On the one hand we will release a sequel named Space Trip 2 and on the other we will release our first App named I have Never. Unfortunately the sequel of Space Trip 1 didn't manage to be as succesfull as the first one but I have never game became easily the best downladed app/game from us getting more than 6.000 downloads in one year


In this year we also decided to spit the effort in 2: On the one hand we released another app named Easy Recipes with 100 recipes for cooking and great success until the moment and on the other hand we released another game, an infinite runner with history mode named Time Traveler


And what comes next? The AdanzApps team decided to relase new games for another platforms (PC, mac and Linux) with fresh ideas and new licences. Stay tunned for more information!


Daniel Adanza Dopazo: Programmer and founder of the company
Emilio Adanza Dopazo: 3D modeler and artist
Anze Skrlec: collaborator and music composer