What does the press think about Space Trip 2?

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Space Trip 2 immerses players in the nostalgia of retro games. It consists of 50 levels, which complete various missions and space objectives defeating enemy ships.


Space Trip 2 from AdanzApps is a space shooter classic style but with 3D graphics


its strengths? the vehicle customization and the different boss battles

Users from google play

4.7 / 5: It is a game that I liked a lot, has different levels and even lets you customize the ship to go faster, but you can also change the ship, shape and color. Thank the wonderful controls that are so relaxed.

Finally I would like to mention that Space Trip 2 has had the most successful release from all AdanzApps games. Being downloaded more than one hundred times in barely fifteen days in google play, so I can just say thank you very much guys for supporting us. Also if you don't have the game yet you can also get it in the DOWNLOAD LINK