Top 3 most popular games/apps from AdanzApps

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If we would count the downloads from all the play stores the numbers would be a bit different. But for this report, we would only count on those ones from Google Play which has been the biggest source of downloads for us.

1) I Have Never Game.

This hybrid within an app and a game managed to get 6.462 downloads around the world so far. The first version has been released at the end of 2016 but it counts with good actualizations until now.

2) Space Trip 1.

With a big distance from the first position. Space Trip became in 2015 the most popular game from us until that moment, until now It got 1.192 downloads in the fifth continents.

3) Space Trip 2.

Probably the most completed games and one of the longest projects that we have made. Anyway, it became a fail getting only 330 downloads so far. The main reasons for it are the lack of marketing for the project.

Finally, I would like to mention another more recent projects like Easy Recipes. or Time Traveler which are doing it pretty well and they will probably enter in the top after some time on the store.